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November Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid /w CPR-C

Combo Course

Prerequisite: 13 years of age

Saturday, November 12th, 9am-1pm (101 Hillside Dr)
Sunday, November 13th, 4pm-8:30pm (1755 Frobisher Ln)
Saturday, November 19th, 9am-1pm (101 Hillside Dr)
Sunday, November 20th, 4pm-8:30pm (1755 Frobisher Ln)
Saturday, November 26th, 9am-1pm (101 Hillside Dr)
Sunday, November 27th, 4pm-8:30pm (1755 Frobisher Ln)
Saturday, December 3rd, 9am-1pm (101 Hillside Dr)
Sunday, December 4th, 4pm-8:30pm (1755 Frobisher Ln)
Sunday, Decemeber 11th, 12pm-6pm (1755 Frobisher Ln)

101 Hillside Dr (Saturdays) & 1755 Frobisher Lane (Sundays)


This course will be a FREE initiative from H2O to encourage youth to become involved in Lifesaving and Leadership. The maximum # of participants for this course is 16. Register now!

Bronze Medallion challenges the candidate both mentally and physically. Judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training. Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water. Bronze Medallion is a prerequisite for assistant lifeguard training in Bronze Cross.

Bronze Cross begins the transition from lifesaving to lifeguarding and prepares candidates for responsibilities as assistant lifeguards. Candidates strengthen and expand their lifesaving skills and begin to apply the principles and techniques of active surveillance in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication in preventing and responding to aquatic emergencies. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for advanced training in the Society’s National Lifeguard and leadership certification programs

Please note that this course will be held at two different locations. The classroom portion will be held at H2O headquarters (101 Hillside Dri) on Saturdays, and the in-water portion will be held at 1755 Frobisher Lane.

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